ADR Vehicules

Participants of the carriage of dangerous goods by route of should use vehicles specific to ADR regulations.

As a Dangerous Goods Security Advisor, Millennium Vision works in partnership with LABBE, a subsidiary of Gruau Group, specialist in the customization of vehicles for the transport of dangerous goods.

LABBE’s engineering offices strive to best meet the customers’ needs in terms of technical advice such as camber standards for chassis, load distribution, tailored interior design and specific modifications required to comply with ADR regulations all the way through the issuing of the Certificate of Approval by the DREAL services in France.

gruau-labbe-logo   situated in the heart of Lamballe, is the leading French manufacturing site of Chassis Cab 3.5 tonnes and Large Volume trucks.

LABBE – 14, rue d’Armor – BP 90331 – 22403 LAMBALLE

Tél : +33 2 96 50 12 60 – Fax : +33 2 96 31 33 37