Missions and Goals

The Consultants’ Mission

The Dangerous Goods Security consultant searches to optimize security by all means available. He ensures the compliance with rules governing the transport of dangerous goods and advises the company for their applications. If despite these precautions, an accident occurs, he writes a report describing the circumstances of the accident, its progression and its consequences.

The Goals

Monitoring compliance with the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods listed in the ADR / IMDG / IATA / RID / ADN.

Advise the company in operations and obligations relating to the transport of dangerous goods.

Completion of technical site (s) visit (s) with written recommendations, formalized as a record of technical inspection.

Provide intervention and written reports In the case of accidents, incidents and events.

Examine the company’s practices and procedures for activities related to dangerous goods.

Ensure the preparation of an annual report to the Director or the company on the activities related to the transport of dangerous goods:

An annual review is made on the basis of the surveys and data from the business throughout the year (including the flow of hazardous material …) and formalized as an Annual Report.

This annual report shall be retained by the company for 5 years and must be presented upon request to the competent authorities.

Assist in the prevention of risks to people, property or the environment inherent in dangerous goods.

Finally, regular monitoring is carried out and transmitted according to changes occurring in the ADR / IMDG / IATA / RID / ADN texts.